What I Have Learned About Medical Bills

Guess what? I’m almost done paying medical bills. I have one that’s around $30, one that’s $90, another for a couple hundred and the new dental bill which is also a couple hundred. I think I will be using the snowball method that everyone uses with credit cards to pay the remainder of the medical bills so the larger ones get paid quicker.

So What Have I Learned About Medical Bills?

There are some important things I have learned about paying down medical bills which made it easier and faster to take care of.

1.  Contact the Medical Facilities:  Let them know that you will be paying your bills. Don’t wait until they send them to collections to try to figure something out. Most everyone I have spoken with regarding medical bills has been very understanding and actually friendly.

2.  Ask About Hardship Programs:  One of my bills was cut from thousands to hundreds by qualifying for a program with the hospital that had something to do with charity. If you ask the facility if they have any hardship programs like this, you may get lucky and have your bill cut drastically.

3.  Set Up Payment Arrangements:  If you deal with the medical facility they will set up a payment plan with you that you can afford. You can also have it automatically debited each month from your bank account usually which worked out well for me. Keep track of the statements though so you know when you can have it paid off.

4.  Don’t Kill Yourself Paying Medical Bills:  My coworker and I talk about this all the time. She has 3 kids so she pretty much has indefinite medical bills with the clinic. Set up payment arrangements that fit your budget and don’t kill or starve yourself trying to pay them off. There will almost always be medical bills, unless you’re lucky enough to never ever have an illness, rash, cough, or anything broken. Your chances are less likely if you have children, by the way.

5. Do Make Sure You Pay Your Medical Bills:  On the other hand, don’t ignore your medical bills. After all, you did receive a service and you do owe for that service no matter how outlandish the bill is. You also do not want your bill to be turned over to collections and placed on your credit report, nor do you want to have problems with the facility if you need them in the future.

In short, it is possible to keep up with the medical bills. I realize there are instances and serious illnesses that cause them to get out of hand for some, but if they are manageable you can certainly work it out. It may take a while, but it isn’t impossible.

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