The Tooth Fairy, Inflation and Lying

Saturday my daughter noticed that she had her first loose tooth. Needless to say, she was more than excited, mostly because she couldn’t wait to tell her teacher at school.

I, on the other hand, was excited about the Tooth Fairy and I suddenly realized that I had no idea what the going rate for a tooth was nowadays.

I remember a couple years ago that my nephew lost a tooth and got $10 and a new DVD. I also remember wondering if it had to do with inflation. (A coworker responded to this with, “What the hell, was it a gold tooth?!) What do I know though, it’s been over twenty years since I’ve been visited by the Tooth Fairy or known anyone that has.

So I asked on Twitter and Facebook. I asked at work and I asked family. Here are the results of my very scientific Tooth Fairy Poll:

1 person said the last she heard it was $10, but it could depend on the parents because they’re both doctors. (Although, I’m pretty sure the Tooth Fairy doesn’t care who your parents are.)

4 people on Facebook said $1.

My sister said $1.

Coworkers all said $1, but suggested that quarters, change or a silver dollar are more fun.

1 person on Facebook said not to lie, there is no Tooth Fairy and your kid will hate you for lying.

During the time that I was taking this very important scientific poll, my daughter continued to wiggle that tooth and tell every random person, everywhere we went that she had a wiggly tooth. Something else I noticed, every male person in my family responded with, “well come here so I can punch it out.” Seriously, all at different times and in different locations. Weird, huh. Wonder if maybe the Tooth Fairy wasn’t so nice to them when they were younger.

Monday night I told her that she had to get that tooth out. I mean it was practically waving back and forth by itself. She grabbed a tissue, held her breath and pushed…and it came out. I was pretty proud of her, and she was more excited than if SpongeBob himself moved in. We wrapped the tooth in a tissue and put it in a baggy under her pillow. If she had fallen asleep any faster I would’ve thought she was popping pills.

Well, long story short, the Tooth Fairy left her $2. She walked into my room at 4 a.m. to show me and then sat on my bed just looking at the two single dollar bills. To me, she seemed a little disappointed. Not that she expected more, but because it seemed that the long exciting journey was over and all she had left was 2 pieces of paper. To her, money doesn’t really mean anything. She quite possibly would’ve been happier with a cheese stick.

I found myself remembering what the one person on Facebook said about not lying to her, and I’ve been considering coming clean about the scam of creatures leaving gifts in our house. Sure it’s fun. Maybe more fun for me than her. What happens when someone at school tells her the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus aren’t real? I certainly don’t want her arguing with anyone over anything so ridiculous. I also have to admit that it was more fun talking about the loose tooth and getting it out then pretending a fairy was going to drop off a couple bucks. She was happier with the “I Lost a Tooth” sticker she got at school than what the Tooth Fairy had left her.

I also think it’s interesting that in 30 years, the general consensus is still that a dollar is sufficient. I seem to remember getting a dollar myself. Is it because of the bad economy that the tooth rate is still the same after all of these years? If things hadn’t gotten so bad, would everyone be giving their kids $10 for their teeth? I don’t know.

I learned quite a bit more from my poll than just how much to give my daughter for her teeth. Sometimes things don’t change as much as we think, and sometimes the simple truth is way more fun.

Operation WITHIMMG
Day 14-$2 pretending to be the Tooth Fairy
Day 15- $32 gas. Didn’t last as long this time. Did a lot of excess driving over the weekend.
$12 protein drinks and 2 boxes of granola type bars.

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