SafeCell Cell Phone App Rewards Safe Drivers

Although it isn’t quite illegal in every state, (yet), texting, emailing, facebooking or just talking on the cell phone while driving is unsafe. Everyone knows that. For some reason it is still hard to not peek at that text when it comes in or ignore the phone call even though we’re pretty sure it isn’t important.

The SafeCell App for cell phones seems to have figured out a way to keep drivers from using their cell phones while driving and earning rewards at the same time for gift cards for places like Macy’s, Apple and Amazon. As soon as your car is moving at a speed faster than 5 mph, your cell phone will be disabled and you will earn rewards points. Every 500 miles is $5. If you’re a passenger or for some reason really, really need your phone you can turn the app off, but you won’t earn the miles for the rewards. There is an Emergency Call button if you need to make an emergency phone call as well. Additionally, you can set up the app to give callers a message or text that says “the person you’re trying to reach will return your call is driving and will receive your message upon reaching their destination.”

Sure, it seems sad that we can’t stop using our phones long enough to wait until we aren’t driving. Drivers survived a very long time without cell phones or the ability to make phone calls on their journies to work. If the sheer safety isn’t appealing enough to you, maybe the opportunity to earn rewards for gift cards from popular retailers will be.

The SafeCell App is currently available for $11.99 for lifetime access and updates until December 2010 when the $11.99 will only cover an annual subscription fee. As someone that uses only the free apps, I would still say that SafeCell is worth it, if only for breaking a bad habit. Most of us can also rack up a lot of miles for those rewards which would definitely exceed the cost of the subscription.

You can purchase the SafeCell App if you have an iPhone or Android and they are working on a version for the Blackberry. I would recommend this app for anyone that wants to break the habit of texting or calling while driving. Safer drivers and gift cards? Pretty much the best collabo ever.

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