Personal Budget Cuts and My Options

In the last year I’ve cut quite a bit of things out of my budget for the sake of saving money. I thought I’d mention these personal budget cuts along with what’s working for me, what I miss the most and what’s working now but probably won’t for long. I’ve also mentioned my grand ideas for future things to cut.

Nice Hair

Yes, I’ve given up nice, interestingly highlighted and lowlighted hair because this is one frivolous expense that I honestly believe was obscene and getting out of hand. I recently discovered that a box of $3.00 hair color worked great to fill in the outgrown roots and I’m hoping my cousin will continue to cut mine and my daughter’s hair, which at this time is only $6.00 a piece. Maybe my hair looked better then, I don’t know but I’m experimenting with the theory that people that can pay their bills are way hotter than people that can’t and have fancy hair.

No More Land Line

For some reason I was hanging on to the land line at home because I thought I needed it for something. There was a fear that as soon as I disconnected it I would realize there was some forgotten and overlooked magical purpose. I don’t think anyone ever even called me on the land line except telemarketers and the occasional creditor. Since it’s been disconnected I’ve missed it once when I had a babysitter over and she just ended up keeping her mom’s cell phone so it was fine.

Eating Out and Random Shopping

I’ve mentioned before that I quit buying fast food breakfasts and lunches and I don’t eat out much at all anymore. This is the one I slip on the most and I do still like to take my daughter out and eat once in a while. Since she’s still kid’s menu size, it doesn’t cost much for just her and me. Plus, having her yell loudly in the restaurant that the food is way better than what I make is worth it. (True story, by the way.)

Shopping is difficult to quit too. Of course there’s nothing wrong with buying what you need, but just shopping for something to do isn’t necessary. I’ve been looking more into cheap outdoor activities and I have enough shoes, clothes and handbags already to be embarrassing.

Possible Future Budget Cuts

Let’s see…I’m not sure if there are any laws which require homes to have electricity, gas, water, sewer and trash but yes, I’ve considered how much money I’d save if I didn’t have these utilities. My daughter won’t even touch a port-a-potty at the fair so I’m almost positive she wouldn’t be excited about using the bathroom outside. That leaves me the cell phone, satellite tv and cable internet, which I’m pretty much stuck with because of the area I live in. There is the possibility of cutting the satellite tv and just watching DVDs but I’m a news junkie and mini me is a Nickelodeon junkie. Plus DVDs still cost money, so unless we go all out Amish I’m out of things to cut.

I am however, interested in forming my own forest community and living on berries and grub worms but my daughter has a big mouth and would tell on us.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions, so if I’m missing anything, please feel free to let me know.

Thank you to the Carnival of Money Stories for including me, found this post over there that made me laugh and reminded me of me (although I don’t have a motorcycle).
Purchasing my Brand New Motorcycle was Dumb

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    I have just finished reading a bunch of your posts and I have to say that your whole blog is very inspiring – you seem so determined and I wish you all the best!

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