I Still Buy Bottled Water…Sorry

I read an article today and last week and last month about what a waste of money bottled water is and I wondered if maybe I haven’t cut my expenses as much as I thought.

Sorry, but I like bottled water. I don’t drink water from the tap, and these articles aren’t taking into consideration the time I turned on the water and brown stuff came out. Or the story I heard about a dead mouse in my friend’s well. Maybe the rest of the world lives in places with trustworthy water streaming from their faucets, but when I compare the risks of bottled water (yes, I’ve read those articles too) and the brown-ness of the water burping from my kitchen sink, well I choose bottled.

Sure, my bottles may even be filled by a faucet in a large factory, it still looks better than mine. I’m not entirely foolish, I know that all bottles of water aren’t filled a drop a day by a crystal clear mountain spring, but I do know it isn’t nowhere near what I’ve tasted from faucets during my lifetime.

And no, I don’t have time for a purifier or other fancy do it yourself water cleaner. That’s why I buy bottled water. I don’t have time to hunt down my own body of water and I’m not carrying any buckets over a mountain for anything. I just want water that doesn’t smell like metal or the toilet. That’s not asking for much, is it?

I have been trying to complain less for this very reason, sure I mention the things that I’m working on or looking for, but I’m not blasting anyone but Chase Bank (and we’ve made up, mind you). I know I haven’t cut everything out that I should, but some of the small things are worth keeping for our own peace of mind. Some people have their lattes, I have a bottle of water. Some people are just fine with their faucets and will never ever, not even in a swamp in a third world country, drink bottled water. All I can say, is a) I’m jealous you have good water and b) hope you don’t get sick from that stinky stuff.

I’m sure other people have purchases that they could cut but feel strongly about keeping. Please tell me it isn’t just me…

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  1. Jayni
    Posted February 22, 2010 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    I drink the water here in town, but bottled water is still a necessity for me since I am on the road all the time. I only buy in packs of 24 or more and keep them in my truck. $1 or more for a single serving is still way too rich for my blood, since this can be the equivelant of $24 for that same pack I bought at target for $4 – $5. But I am still with you on the bottled water, it is the only thing I can drink when I know the water isn’t “good”.

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