Dating Bad Credit

Only gold diggers look at a guy’s finances before dating or marrying him, right? Not always. Since it’s been proven that the main reason for arguments and divorce is financial, I’d say it’s a good thing to consider.

So what happens when you’re dating someone with bad credit? Is it wrong to think that all of your hard work in cleaning up and keeping your own credit clean will be wasted? As far as I know, a person’s bad credit isn’t contagious. If I marry someone with bad credit it doesn’t automatically make mine bad. What is contagious though are any bad habits or irresponsibility that may have caused the bad credit.

It’s no secret that I’m broke and in no way a financial advisor. I also don’t agree with the practice of asking a potential suitor for a credit report. To me, that’s just as rude as asking someone how much money they make. It is important to discuss (honestly) what each person’s credit and financial picture are if the plan is to eventually tie the knot.

My personal solution to this issue is to just keep things separate. I’ve seen quite a few men and women give up their bank accounts and credit card accounts for joint ventures only to end up with tons of bills that can’t be paid. We should always have something of our own on hand. No, that isn’t anticipating a break up. It isn’t saying I need a back up plan. It’s simply saying that although I’m married to you or with you, I’m still an individual. This means that if you continue to screw your stuff up, my work has not been entirely in vain. The joint accounts that are messed up together will be reported as messed up on both credit reports, so if that seems to be a possibility, simply don’t sign any joint agreements.

And yes, it definitely works both ways. Probably more often than not, it’s the woman with the jacked up credit. I honestly wouldn’t want to be included on anyone else’s account if I felt that I would be a liability or would mess something up. When things are separate I have no one to blame for any indiscretion except myself. I’ll handle mine and you handle yours. To me, this avoids any financial arguments or issues and makes it a little easier to date Mr. (or Ms.) Bad Credit.

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