Congratulations! You’re on the Verge of Bankruptcy!

So I took another quiz, but this one wasn’t much fun. It’s call “Are You on the Verge of a Debt Disaster?”

The article includes a story of a woman that had a ton of credit card debt, $37,000.00 to be exact and with student loans around the corner to pay, she felt she was on the verge of disaster. In short, she ended up going through credit counseling that helped her budget and get the debt under control before the student loans were due, thus avoiding bankruptcy.

I took the quiz, and realized from the first multiple choice question that the questions all had obvious answers, such as “do you only pay the minimum payments on credit cards?” or “have you had to resort to cashing out your retirement to pay bills?” etc. and etc. So you have to be honest if you really want to gauge whether you’re on the verge or not (according to the quiz, anyway). I wasn’t. I picked all of the wrong answers on purpose and this is what my results were:


Someone made a mistake here. I don’t think congratulations are in order, but maybe there isn’t anything nice to say to someone that is almost 100% on the verge of debt disaster. That’s like telling your kid, “Yay! You’re going in time out!”

If I had written the article, I would’ve picked “Boooo. You’re in Big Trouble,” but alas, it wasn’t my article. Because, in the end, when you’re on the verge you know you are. Putting it in a fancy dress doesn’t change anything.

Anyway, if you want to find out or at least get an idea, try out the quiz. But be honest.

Note to self: I should stop taking these quizzes if I’m not going to take them seriously.

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