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Should You Be An Early Tech Adopter?

Do you remember the old days when DOS was a marvel and Windows was a miracle? That the Apple Lisa was cutting-edge technology and you would need to sell your possessions just to be able to afford it? We came across this article and after scanning through the old PC ads, we were somewhat shocked [...]

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Broke People Shouldn’t Have Pets

You’re going to hate me for this, but maybe you’ll laugh and it’ll be worth it. A few weeks ago I was driving back to the office from picking up lunch, (Yes, I was buying lunch. That’s another post.) and I noticed a couple on the corner with a sign that said something about “Stuck [...]

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How to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

OMG. If this isn’t the most awesome-est idea for organizing dresser drawers, I will eat my tank top. Mrs. Accountability of Out of Debt Again, wrote a post called An Awesome Way to Organize Your Dresser Drawers, and I am speechless. Pretty much. Why didn’t I think of this? Basically, you fold your clothes and [...]

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The End of Free Checking?

This is a guest post brought to you by The Digerati Life, a site which covers a wide variety of financial topics from the best credit cards for rewards spending to the top online stock brokers around. This post covers bank fees and the the end of free checking. Working for a bank during one [...]

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Counting My Financial Blessings

This post is literally to prevent myself from snapping and going crazy. Yes, things are well, but as everyone knows there is always something lurking around the corner waiting to jump out and choke you out. Okay, maybe that’s just me. It does seem like an unexpected disaster is always sneaking up on me in [...]

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Feeling Hopeless? Look at North Korea

If you ever want a reminder that things really aren’t so bad here in the wonderful U.S. of A., take a look at this article about the devaluation of currency in North Korea. In caseĀ  you’re like me and had no idea such a thing could happen, apparently North Korea’s wacky looney toon government decided [...]

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Jobs That Are On Their Way Out

I read an article today about certain jobs and careers that are making a comeback, which include mostly engineer type jobs that I didn’t know were ever gone in the first place. Anyway, it of course inspired my thoughts on jobs which are either obsolete or on their way out. So, if you are specifically [...]

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Recession Slackers and the Eternal Excuse

Since we are practically out of the recession, I thought I could post something kind of stupid without getting chased down and lynched by an angry mob of readers. First, I want to admit that the recession never really affected me. I didn’t have a house to lose because of it. I didn’t lose my [...]

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Is a Housekeeper Worth the Money?

Today, as I stumbled through the maze of clothes and toys and various other items belonging to me and my daughter, I became completely exasperated by what a mess the house is. A messy house is gross. Kids are taken from their parents because of messy houses. Messiness completely mutilates my psyche. I cannot focus [...]

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Facebook, Free Gift Cards and Identity Theft

You wouldn’t believe it but there is actually a connection between Facebook, free gift cards and identity theft and unfortunately it’s one big fat scam. The scam involves someone on your friends list posting a link on your wall telling you about an offer to join a group or click on a link and you [...]

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