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Things You Should Not Buy From a Garage Sale

It’s garage sale time which not only means great deals on lots of junk (okay and some great deals on great items) but it also means free entertainment. Seriously. Have you never been to a garage sale that had items for sale that made you snicker? If not, you’re not going to the right ones [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Year Old

It has officially been a year since Miss Bankrupt began blogging about being broke and bankrupt. The very first post was somewhat of an ode to Burger King Croissanwiches, which began my journey to stop wasting money on frivolous things…like Burger King Croissanwiches. I can honestly say I have still not indulged in another and [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Hoarder

Today I emptied my condiment drawer at work. I was forced to clean my office; I’ve been telling everyone it was somewhat of an intervention except no one was crying or reading me letters. My boss scheduled it on our calendar and then went through my files himself, while I piled up all of the [...]

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Best Idea EVER or Do I Need Medication?

My mom, aunt and sister had their annual humongous garage sale a couple weekends ago. I did not ever get around to getting mine and my daughter’s things together so I agreed to help, but didn’t really add anything to the garage sale. Because of whatever I had leftover from last year’s sale, I made [...]

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Uncovering the Biggest Waste of All Time

I had a friend that kept a drawer full of condiments in the refrigerator. Packets of ketchup, jelly, mustard, even sugar and salt. I know. Ketchup costs money, but I don’t remember ever seeing this person using any of those packets of anything that were being squirreled away in the refrigerator. If you even suggested [...]

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