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Build Your Savings Account and Win $50,000

You may remember that a little while back I opened an Orange Savings Account with ING. Wait, after looking at it, I actually set that up quite a while back. In March Actually. And guess what? I have like 5 cents more than what I opened it with. My grand idea of collecting all of [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Hoarder

Today I emptied my condiment drawer at work. I was forced to clean my office; I’ve been telling everyone it was somewhat of an intervention except no one was crying or reading me letters. My boss scheduled it on our calendar and then went through my files himself, while I piled up all of the [...]

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ING Orange Savings Account

I took the advice that everyone left me in the comments of the post about savings accounts and went ahead and opened up a savings account with ING Direct. It was a pretty painless process; I just typed in my information and it was set up. I do have to wait a couple days to [...]

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Unexpected Expenses Throw Me Off

Everyone has unexpected expenses that completely disrupt a budget. I think I have these every month, February it was my car tabs which sank me to the tune of $185.00. Granted, this is not exactly an unexpected expense, more of a crap, is it time to pay that again already expense. I even asked the [...]

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Do You Have Any Change?

I read about a savings experiment which included loose change, which for some reason I actually have. Don’t ask me how Miss Bankrupt has extra anything laying around but truthfully, I have change in the bottoms of my purses, in the car, on the dining room table. Everywhere. Once in a while I collect most [...]

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