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How to Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

It is not generally recommended to get a car loan right away after bankruptcy, but sometimes things happen. In 2008 I was driving a 1998 Ford Explorer, which by the way I pretty much adored. It worked perfectly for getting used to driving in the snow and I was able to store tons of junk [...]

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SafeCell Cell Phone App Rewards Safe Drivers

Although it isn’t quite illegal in every state, (yet), texting, emailing, facebooking or just talking on the cell phone while driving is unsafe. Everyone knows that. For some reason it is still hard to not peek at that text when it comes in or ignore the phone call even though we’re pretty sure it isn’t [...]

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Symptoms of a Shopaholic

I don’t think I’m a shopaholic, but I do know that I spend money occasionally on things that I shouldn’t without a second thought and while completely disregarding any budgets or frugalness that I’ve acquired recently. I can say I’m a lot better than I was, but as with any illness I’ve considered the possibility [...]

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Things You Should Not Buy From a Garage Sale

It’s garage sale time which not only means great deals on lots of junk (okay and some great deals on great items) but it also means free entertainment. Seriously. Have you never been to a garage sale that had items for sale that made you snicker? If not, you’re not going to the right ones [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Hoarder

Today I emptied my condiment drawer at work. I was forced to clean my office; I’ve been telling everyone it was somewhat of an intervention except no one was crying or reading me letters. My boss scheduled it on our calendar and then went through my files himself, while I piled up all of the [...]

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Things I Can Live Without

This article covers 20 things American can’t live without and quite honestly I noticed most of the things on the list were items that I don’t use or can personally live without. Here are the ones that I was surprised made the list that I know I don’t need: 1.  Electric Garage Door Opener- Number [...]

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Qik Video Camera App: The 99 Cent Camcorder

My daughter has a piano recital tomorrow and I was thinking about asking my sister in law to use her video camera. Instead, my friend suggested I use an app for my phone called ivideo. When searching for the ivideo app, I came across Qik Video Camera which happened to be on “sale” from 1.99 [...]

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Space Trips are Still Too Expensive

Here’s a question that people like to ponder. “If I had the money, would I?” I mention this because I’ve been wondering ever since I read that the cost of trips to outer space have gone down by 50%. It still costs around $100,000.00 but hey, a discount is a discount. You can say what [...]

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Fake Uggs are Bad for Your Feet

Besides the various St. Patrick’s Day articles (How to Make Cornbeef and Cabbage, Best St. Paddy’s Day Bars, Old Navy Promoting Drinking in Children Under 13–okay, not really), the other big story was that those fake Ugg boots are bad for your feet. Someone has discovered that the knockoff Uggs can lead to a lifetime [...]

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Best Free Apps for Broke People

Many may be wondering why a broke person would have an iPhone in the first place. Well, I am pleased to announce that I am one such broke person, but I have a valid excuse and her name is Amelia, aka my good friend in California. Amelia recently upgraded to the 3GS and gave me, [...]

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