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Chase Bank Reage Program and Moving Forward

I’m sure you’re familiar with it. If you aren’t, you’re not only lucky but very smart. It’s that pre-heart attack feeling when you pull the mail from the mailbox and you find an envelope one page of paper thin, with a return address that says something like “Cardmember Service”. You know it isn’t a statement [...]

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Credit Update and I See a Light

I finally decided to pull my credit reports again after being afraid to look for more than a year. I used to pull my reports annually, but since I started becoming swamped with medical bills and credit card payments, I developed a kind of paranoia and fear about the state of my credit. A big, [...]

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Breaking Up With Dish Network

Well, I finally did it. I no longer have any kind of cable or television service and surprisingly, I’m not having any kind of withdrawal symptoms (and neither is my daughter). If you remember, I posted a while back about My Deadbeat Television, meaning the expense that wasn’t pitching in around the house. We still [...]

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Updates on Medical Bills and Getting them Organized

I took some time out to call all of the medical bills that I’m paying to make sure nothing’s behind or late. I think I have everything with the special discount programs at the hospital down as low as possible and the monthly payments on all total are pretty reasonable. My biggest problem, of course [...]

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Making Up With Chase Bank

Dear Chase Bank: I know things haven’t been right with us, especially after I wrote the blog post claiming I was being raped by credit card. Our relationship has resembled a crappy high school relationship in a lot of ways. You don’t like listening so I doubt you’ll get it. Well, after a long, more [...]

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How to Deal With Collection Agents from Hell

My friend sent me a text the other day that a collection agent almost scared her into emptying out her savings account to pay a bill. She is young(er) and the mother of an 8 month old baby and she only has this one particular bill in collections. I’m embarrassed to admit that I can [...]

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How to Save on the Phone Bill

I cancelled my land line a long time ago in order to save money and rely on my cell phone for all phone calls. It occurred to me, while sitting on the phone for 40 minutes with AT&T, my cell phone service provider, that if you’re not careful, a cell phone can cost you more [...]

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One Medical Bill Down Sort of

Just to prove that I’m not always whining about my finances and bills, I thought I’d share somewhat of an accomplishment. I received a phone call today that I normally would not answer from one of the medical bills I’m paying on. Actually I was in the middle of texting and accidentally answered the phone, [...]

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Staying Sane While Broke and in Debt

There is no shortage lately, of stories about people snapping under the pressure of financial stress and in case no one has noticed, I’ve been a bit down and frustrated lately. These are just some personal, practical tips for keeping one’s sanity while dealing with being broke and in debt. Face the Creditors Of course [...]

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Hug a Collection Agent

I finally forced myself to call and set up payment plans for all of my medical bills-four more to be exact. At the rate I’m going, the medical bills will take approximately 25 months to pay off. Plus, I have new ones that will be coming in for all kinds of recent tests and exams [...]

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