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My Daughter Needs a Job

Yes, she’s only 6 years old, but now that the responsibility and shock of Kindergarten is almost behind her, I think it’s time that my daughter gets a job. Granted, I don’t expect her to be hired at McDonald’s right away, but everything in this house needs to be contributing in some way. I got [...]

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There is More than Money

I watched Ponyo with my daughter this evening, without the computer and without working on anything. I desperately need to clean my house and do a ton of other things, but I realized that I haven’t spent much time with her actually doing anything. She begs me every night to play a game with her, [...]

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How Much is an A and Paying for Good Grades

Well on Wheel of Fortune, you can buy a letter A for I think, $250. At least that was the going price for a vowel the last time I remember actually watching Wheel of Fortune. But how much is an “A” really worth to you? As in report card “A”. I recently followed a conversation [...]

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How to Help Single Parents

I read this article today, (via Twitter) about how much it costs to raise a child as a single parent. The title of course declares that “Single Parents Aren’t Earning Enough” to which I replied (mentally) “Really? Wonder who figured that out?” The author, though, was looking for suggestions on how to help single parents. [...]

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