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What I Have Learned About Medical Bills

Guess what? I’m almost done paying medical bills. I have one that’s around $30, one that’s $90, another for a couple hundred and the new dental bill which is also a couple hundred. I think I will be using the snowball method that everyone uses with credit cards to pay the remainder of the medical [...]

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Chase Bank Reage Program and Moving Forward

I’m sure you’re familiar with it. If you aren’t, you’re not only lucky but very smart. It’s that pre-heart attack feeling when you pull the mail from the mailbox and you find an envelope one page of paper thin, with a return address that says something like “Cardmember Service”. You know it isn’t a statement [...]

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The New Unexpected Expense and the Price of Nice Teeth

And just like clockwork, here it is another couple of months later and I have a brand spanking new unexpected expense. I have started the small savings account at ING for this purpose, but since that was just a couple months ago, I am in no way prepared for the new expense. I will not [...]

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Updates on Medical Bills and Getting them Organized

I took some time out to call all of the medical bills that I’m paying to make sure nothing’s behind or late. I think I have everything with the special discount programs at the hospital down as low as possible and the monthly payments on all total are pretty reasonable. My biggest problem, of course [...]

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Are There Medical Bills in Heaven?

As I said previously, a ton of tests and surgeries had racked up quite a large medical bill. I’ve decided to not panic and worry about it. I made payment arrangements with everyone and I pay what I can without starving myself or my daughter. Unless I win the lottery, those bills aren’t going anywhere [...]

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The Medical Industry will Never Go Bankrupt

I went to the clinic for an appointment today and as I was checking in, the lady (I don’t know what their titles are) asks if I’d like to make a payment on my bill. Granted, I know this isn’t really a choice. Just kind of sounds like it. The normal procedure would’ve started with [...]

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Managing Medical Bill Messes

My very simple and minor surgery went fine today. Still a bit drugged up and groggy so excuse me if I seem off. I had considered cancelling it last night because I’m dreading more medical bills and plus it was after midnight and I really wanted to eat something. I did decide to get it [...]

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