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Best Idea EVER or Do I Need Medication?

My mom, aunt and sister had their annual humongous garage sale a couple weekends ago. I did not ever get around to getting mine and my daughter’s things together so I agreed to help, but didn’t really add anything to the garage sale. Because of whatever I had leftover from last year’s sale, I made [...]

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How to Make Money on Twitter

We deal with enough spam and scam in our lives and I’m hoping that this post doesn’t come off as spammy. I have been able to save money and make money because of Twitter though and thought I would share the ways that have worked for me. Networking and Job Offers Because of Twitter I [...]

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So What Do You Do With Old Toys?

Honestly, if I didn’t feel so guilty about it, I’d love to just set all of the totes of toys on the curb next to the garbage can. Easy. They’re gone. I have more room for more junk…I mean toys. But that truly would be a waste of a lot of money and believe it [...]

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Another Place to Sell Old Electronics

By chance, I stumbled upon yet another site to unload old electronics. Seriously, if you’re not using your old cameras, cell phones and video games than you’re missing out on at least a couple bucks. The reason, in my opinion, that people hold on to electronics that are outdated and not being used is because [...]

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