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The Legacy that Costs Nothing

I wrote recently, half joking that because of Walmart I had no legacy to leave my daughter. Nothing of value, no fantastic antique dishes. Just cheap affordable Walmart stuff. I can’t be the only one that has realized this, especially since nearly the entire world has become frugal (some never had a choice). What are [...]

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Uncovering the Biggest Waste of All Time

I had a friend that kept a drawer full of condiments in the refrigerator. Packets of ketchup, jelly, mustard, even sugar and salt. I know. Ketchup costs money, but I don’t remember ever seeing this person using any of those packets of anything that were being squirreled away in the refrigerator. If you even suggested [...]

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Deals for Veterans

Well, it’s Veterans Day and most will read this too late to benefit from any Veterans Day deals or specials. I hadn’t thought about it until my mom said she was taking dad to Applebee’s for the Veterans Day special. All you need today is proof that you are active duty or a veteran to [...]

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Feeling Good for Free

I don’t know if it’s because it went from summer to winter in a week or if it’s because of just plain being broke, but I’ve fallen a bit into the doldrums in the last few days. Unfortunately, it does seem like the things that can pick you back up are either not good for [...]

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Free Food from Family is Not Charity

I stopped at my parents’ house yesterday to pick up my daughter while they were busy packing up the RV to go camping this weekend. I asked my mom if she had any extra lunchmeat so the babysitter could make sandwiches for lunch the next day. Mom always has spare food. That’s where I want [...]

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