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Orchard Bank and Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

It seems that as soon as people file bankruptcy, they want to know how to start repairing their credit. Usually credit cards are the first and easiest way to start this process. The Orchard Bank MasterCard and Orchard Bank Visa are popular credit cards that are specifically geared for those with poor credit and those [...]

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Friday Fun Money Quiz

Here’s a fun quiz to take sometime. It’s called “Do You Have What it Takes to be Wealthy”. It’s short so try it out and see what you get. If it were a test I would’ve gotten the big fat F-. My results were actually like 17 out of 60 points and the conclusion was [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Hoarder

Today I emptied my condiment drawer at work. I was forced to clean my office; I’ve been telling everyone it was somewhat of an intervention except no one was crying or reading me letters. My boss scheduled it on our calendar and then went through my files himself, while I piled up all of the [...]

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The Broke Person’s Mantra

I’ve heard it many, many times. Most recently, while I was complaining that for some reason it seems that even though I’m making more money, I’m not really getting anywhere. I still don’t have enough money. Even though I reach each monthly goal that I think I’ll never make, it’s never enough. “Everyone knows, the [...]

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There is More than Money

I watched Ponyo with my daughter this evening, without the computer and without working on anything. I desperately need to clean my house and do a ton of other things, but I realized that I haven’t spent much time with her actually doing anything. She begs me every night to play a game with her, [...]

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Financial Literacy Month: Let’s Party

Bet you didn’t know April is Financial Literacy Month. Ok, maybe you did and I’m the only one on earth that didn’t. I know. Every month, day and week are dedicated to something special. April is also Straw Hat Month but since this is Miss Bankrupt and not Miss Scarecrow, I’m going to cover Financial [...]

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Credit Update and I See a Light

I finally decided to pull my credit reports again after being afraid to look for more than a year. I used to pull my reports annually, but since I started becoming swamped with medical bills and credit card payments, I developed a kind of paranoia and fear about the state of my credit. A big, [...]

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Reasons to Not Quit Your Job

The more I freelance, the more excited I get about the possibility of one day working from home. I did this for a year, when my daughter was born to avoid putting her in daycare as an infant, so I’m kind of aware of the upside and the downside of working from home. But man. [...]

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Update on Cheaper Housing

Well the apartment complex where I had applied for resident manager notified me that they were only 1 bedroom apartments, which i know beyond a shadow of doubt will not work for me and my daughter and all of our accumulated crap. I thanked them kindly for their time and told them it wouldn’t work. [...]

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Cutting the Biggest Expense of All

Now that I’m looking at my budget and trying to find other ways to cut costs, I’ve come to the grim realization that the biggest expense of all which needs trimming, is my living arrangement. True, my rent is equal (if not less) to what I would probably pay anywhere else, at the same time [...]

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