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How to Fix a Late Payment on a Credit Card

Well, as hard as I try to stay on top of my credit card payments, it is inevitable that one will be missed or forgotten. In my case it was a payment for Walmart which I never use and can’t remember why I did. Of course I forgot I even had a payment to make [...]

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Free FICO and the FICO Fitness Challenge

I’m a little ahead on the bankruptcy information (and a little behind on this blog) but a couple things have come up that are actually related to fixing your credit after you file bankruptcy. One of the most important things you’ll need to do post bankruptcy, if you have any interest in bouncing back, will [...]

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Chase Bank Reage Program and Moving Forward

I’m sure you’re familiar with it. If you aren’t, you’re not only lucky but very smart. It’s that pre-heart attack feeling when you pull the mail from the mailbox and you find an envelope one page of paper thin, with a return address that says something like “Cardmember Service”. You know it isn’t a statement [...]

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Credit Update and I See a Light

I finally decided to pull my credit reports again after being afraid to look for more than a year. I used to pull my reports annually, but since I started becoming swamped with medical bills and credit card payments, I developed a kind of paranoia and fear about the state of my credit. A big, [...]

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Trouble for Experian and How to Really Get a Free Credit Report

I don’t know about you, but I love those commercials. In fact, we’ve talked about the curse of the commercial at work. Once you hear that jingle you’re pretty much stuck with it all day. I’ve included a video in case you’ve been in a cave and haven’t yet seen one of the commercials. [...]

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