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Hooters MasterCard Review

Hooters is friendly! That may seem like a typo or really bad grammar…but I thought I’d fill you in on the Hooters credit card. If you know already that you would be mortified whipping out a credit card with the Hooters owl and HOOTERS in big, bold print, then don’t even read this. If, however, you [...]

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My Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Many people wonder if they will be able to acquire credit after filing bankruptcy so I thought I would share my experience. Believe it or not, it was fairly easy to start fresh, I think creditors actually look at people that have filed bankruptcy as people that suddenly have no bills and can therefore afford [...]

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The Difference Between Secured Cards and Prepaid Cards

Bankruptcy filers and consumers with bad credit that are looking for options to rebuild their credit scores will usually need to start out with a secured card or a prepaid card. If you are finding that you are not being approved for unsecured credit cards you will probably need to try a secured card in [...]

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Walmart Credit Card Review

I will guess that the Walmart credit card would be considered a bankruptcy friendly credit card, just because it’s Walmart and Walmart loves some broke people. I generally love Walmart right back. I was approved for the regular Walmart card about a year after my bankruptcy was discharged. I have not used this card much [...]

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How to Fix a Late Payment on a Credit Card

Well, as hard as I try to stay on top of my credit card payments, it is inevitable that one will be missed or forgotten. In my case it was a payment for Walmart which I never use and can’t remember why I did. Of course I forgot I even had a payment to make [...]

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Orchard Bank and Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

It seems that as soon as people file bankruptcy, they want to know how to start repairing their credit. Usually credit cards are the first and easiest way to start this process. The Orchard Bank MasterCard and Orchard Bank Visa are popular credit cards that are specifically geared for those with poor credit and those [...]

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Chase Bank Reage Program and Moving Forward

I’m sure you’re familiar with it. If you aren’t, you’re not only lucky but very smart. It’s that pre-heart attack feeling when you pull the mail from the mailbox and you find an envelope one page of paper thin, with a return address that says something like “Cardmember Service”. You know it isn’t a statement [...]

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Credit Update and I See a Light

I finally decided to pull my credit reports again after being afraid to look for more than a year. I used to pull my reports annually, but since I started becoming swamped with medical bills and credit card payments, I developed a kind of paranoia and fear about the state of my credit. A big, [...]

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Making Up With Chase Bank

Dear Chase Bank: I know things haven’t been right with us, especially after I wrote the blog post claiming I was being raped by credit card. Our relationship has resembled a crappy high school relationship in a lot of ways. You don’t like listening so I doubt you’ll get it. Well, after a long, more [...]

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Operation Where in the Heck is My Money Going?

I’m considering the “Don’t Spend for a Month Challenge”, which means that for exactly one month I won’t spend any money on anything except of course the necessary bills. Some people make everything from scratch, from food to detergent and use the car only when they need to go to work, etc. The weird thing [...]

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