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The New Unexpected Expense and the Price of Nice Teeth

And just like clockwork, here it is another couple of months later and I have a brand spanking new unexpected expense. I have started the small savings account at ING for this purpose, but since that was just a couple months ago, I am in no way prepared for the new expense. I will not [...]

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There is More than Money

I watched Ponyo with my daughter this evening, without the computer and without working on anything. I desperately need to clean my house and do a ton of other things, but I realized that I haven’t spent much time with her actually doing anything. She begs me every night to play a game with her, [...]

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So What Do You Do With Old Toys?

Honestly, if I didn’t feel so guilty about it, I’d love to just set all of the totes of toys on the curb next to the garbage can. Easy. They’re gone. I have more room for more junk…I mean toys. But that truly would be a waste of a lot of money and believe it [...]

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Symptoms: Cold vs. H1N1

I’m home from work for a couple days because my daughter has a fever. She had it last night and I’ve been keeping an eye on her and watching the symptoms. I realized today how much more a fever means than it used to, yet at the same time we have to be sure that [...]

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6 Year Old Budget Buster

I just realized that I’ll probably be spending a chunk of change this weekend on my daughter’s 6th birthday. It’s Sunday, and in case you’re wonder why I’m just now mentioning it, it’s because I’m just now planning it. Yes, I’m definitely a last minute person and actually intended on having her first big party [...]

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Kindergarten Can be Cheap

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter will start Kindergarten this year and up until now, I was panicking about how much it was going to cost. Well, after just a couple stops at a handful of stores I can say that I’m not only ready, but it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. [...]

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Explanation of Kindergarten School Supplies

I attended a brief Kindergarten meeting today where lo and behold, they actually explained some of the things on the school supply list. This is of course in addition to the great comment left by ckphoto explaining a bit of it as well. (Thanks.) Most of my questions were answered immediately when the teachers explained [...]

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Analysis of Kindergarten School Supplies

I received the school supply list via email from a co-worker the other day because for some reason during my many excursions to Walmart I have not picked one up. In fact, I ran in and out today and swear I still didn’t see any kind of school supply list depot. People like myself require [...]

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The Cost of Kids

I came across this article about the cost of raising a child and have to admit that I’m officially in panic mode. As a parent of a 5 year old, I already had a sneaky suspicion that this journey was not going to be a cheap one. For a two parent family making less than [...]

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