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What to Do With Rotten Food and When to Accept Defeat

I made a fabulous chicken dinner once that involved only chicken breast, swiss cheese, chicken broth and Stove Top Stuffing. I think my coworker said it’s called “Company Chicken”. I call it easy and yummy. Long story short, I think I gave myself food poisoning with the Company Chicken. I made it before noon and [...]

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Top 5 Easy Cheap Sandwiches

I don’t know about the rest of the world but when the groceries start getting low, I resort to a number of different favorite sandwiches for dinner. And, if you know me, you know I’m not talking about fancy mustard and special bread sandwiches. Being more of a “wow, I have a packet of mustard [...]

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Leftover Turkey Chili Recipe

Well, since it’s freezing cold here in Minnesota (to me anyway), just  a few days after Thanksgiving and daughter and I have nasty colds, I figured I’d post a recipe for Turkey Chili that caters to all three issues. Plus, it’s cheap and easy-my two favorite things in a recipe. You probably have each of [...]

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Recipe for a Veggie Tray

Yeah, you read it right. I don’t know how it works in everyone else’s family, but in mine we rotate the Thanksgiving and Easter dinners so the same person doesn’t always have to host. Someone has to bring the veggie tray; I’m guessing it is usually the person that a) doesn’t cook b) shouldn’t cook [...]

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Easy Antipasto Salad

It’s been a while since I shared a recipe but I’ve decided to add another of my lunchtime favorites. As you are aware, I’m always looking for something easy to take to work and what’s easier than salad? Granted, this isn’t the cheapest salad because iceberg lettuce and dressing is as cheap as it gets, [...]

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The Cheapest and Easiest Lunch Ever

Today as I dropped my daughter off, I asked my mom if she had a can of soup I could grab on my way to work and she says, “I think I have some Cream of Chicken.” “Nah, that’s okay, Mom,” I told her. In case you’re not familiar with cans of Cream of anything [...]

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