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When Not to Buy Dad a Tie

Father’s Day is right around the corner and lucky for you, I have no post about the top 5 greatest or cheapest Father’s Day gifts. I’ll leave that for the other 5 billion bloggers to cover. I considered writing about what to do with a ton of old ties, but that seemed well covered also. [...]

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Happy Mothers Day Mom From Your Broke Daughter

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but honestly I fell dead asleep entirely too early and woke up this morning ridiculously late. It’s my body running the show I think. I hustle and work so hard during the week that I sometimes wonder what I actually did and then when the weekend gets here [...]

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Financial Literacy Month: Let’s Party

Bet you didn’t know April is Financial Literacy Month. Ok, maybe you did and I’m the only one on earth that didn’t. I know. Every month, day and week are dedicated to something special. April is also Straw Hat Month but since this is Miss Bankrupt and not Miss Scarecrow, I’m going to cover Financial [...]

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone

I figured I should post something helpful for Valentine’s Day since my last post was whining about my disastrous attempt at a Valentine’s Day card box for a Kindergartener. Anyone on a budget (and who happens to have a Valentine) knows that Valentine’s Day can be just as spendy as any other holiday. When you [...]

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Valentine’s Day is Not for Uncrafty Parents

Dear Kindergarten Teacher: Please don’t assign homework that involves crafts. Daughter’s Mother is the uncraftiest person on earth. And I don’t even care if that’s not a word. You know what I mean. Why a Valentine box? I think we used to bring our Valentine cards to school in old plastic shopping bags. I’m seriously [...]

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Goodbye to the 00s and the Decade of…

It’s hard to believe that there is only one more day left in 2009 even harder to believe that there’s only one day left in the decade referred to as the 00s. The internet is jam packed full of top ten lists, worst things of the 00s, best things of the 00s, Time magazine even [...]

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

As much as I enjoy people reading the blog, I kind of hope you aren’t today. Maybe you are hanging out with family or resting from all of the holiday havoc, better yet maybe you’re getting ready for the big after Christmas sales this weekend. I am doing a little of everything, resting and drinking [...]

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Merry Christmas Moldy Rice

For no reason except for entertainment purposes, I have been researching and asking people what their worst Christmas gift ever was. Here is what I’ve found from the people I have asked. 1.  A condom- from a weed smoking aunt’s boyfriend. 2.  A flask and a travel mug…presumably for when you need to take your [...]

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Christmas Shopping Tips

I received my Christmas bonus from work (which is going entirely toward Christmas presents) and my daughter will be with her aunt, uncle and cousins visiting Santa Claus tomorrow. The setting is perfect for some serious Christmas shopping. I do have goals in this endeavor, the main one being that I’d like to get my Christmas [...]

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Christmas Shopping Mission Impossible

I’ve just realized that I am a complete failure when it comes to Christmas. I think I mentioned somewhere around Halloween or even before, that my goal was to start Christmas shopping early and take advantage of sales to save money. Well, here it is December 9 and I have exactly 2 people finished for [...]

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