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11 Million Dollar Bankruptcy

How is this even fair?  Teresa Guidice (whom I admittedly have never heard of before. I don’t have cable, remember?) filed bankruptcy and owes 11 million dollars. 11 million. So, rich and famous people still get to be rich and famous even when they owe more money than a small country. Even worse, instead of [...]

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Rich and Poor; Them and Us

Besides the obvious differences between rich people and poor people (meaning designer clothes, fancy houses and luxury vehicles) there is another difference. Do rich people lack honesty? Take Sammy Sosa for example. He and his wife show up at some kind of gathering which I’m guessing consisted of other rich and famous people, not only [...]

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Better Ways to Make Money than Balloon Boy

In case, for some reason you haven’t heard, Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi decided to drum up publicity for a reality show by claiming their child, Falcon, had been trapped in a runaway balloon. Oddly, a lot of people believed it at first. I’m no liar but if I told people my daughter was [...]

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Can I Get a Loan for a Billion Trillion Dollars?

I read this article at the Huffington Post website about the guy suing Bank of America for a $1,784 billion trillion dollars. Yes, that is the number that Dalton Chiscolm came up with for his pain in suffering from which I’m still not sure of. No, he isn’t trying to just prove a point like [...]

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My Credit Score is Better than Michael Jackson’s

Holy cow, at first glance one would think this has to be a mistake. Apparently, Michael Jackson’s credit score was only an average of 564. After thinking about it though, it makes sense. First of all, Michael Jackson didn’t need credit. People gave him stuff just for being the King of Pop. I’m guessing that [...]

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