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How Broke People Can Eat Healthy

I have said many times to many people that I can’t figure out for the life of me why it’s so cheap to eat unhealthy stuff but healthy is expensive. For instance, an entire box of Little Debbie snacks are a dollar something. One tiny red pepper is almost $3.00 and if you like ranch [...]

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Things You Should Not Buy From a Garage Sale

It’s garage sale time which not only means great deals on lots of junk (okay and some great deals on great items) but it also means free entertainment. Seriously. Have you never been to a garage sale that had items for sale that made you snicker? If not, you’re not going to the right ones [...]

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Cheap Ways to Update a Spring Wardrobe

I don’t need any more clothes. I will never need to purchase anymore clothing. I have enough clothing and shoes to choke a donkey (I’ve said that so many times it’s sort of my mantra). In case you don’t understand this, I have what would be considered the man’s closet and the woman’s closet filled [...]

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Fake Uggs are Bad for Your Feet

Besides the various St. Patrick’s Day articles (How to Make Cornbeef and Cabbage, Best St. Paddy’s Day Bars, Old Navy Promoting Drinking in Children Under 13–okay, not really), the other big story was that those fake Ugg boots are bad for your feet. Someone has discovered that the knockoff Uggs can lead to a lifetime [...]

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I Need a Collection and How Walmart Ruined My Legacy

In my lifetime, or at least ever since I started paying attention, people have made money or become rich off of a broad range of items, some being as obvious as rare art found in the attic, others include the man in Kansas that recently sold an unwrapped Nintendo Stadium Game for $41,000.00. Just the [...]

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5 Things I Will Never Buy

Once in a while I come across ridiculous things that people buy and today it was cashmere toilet paper. After thinking how ridiculous the wealthy are sometimes, I began thinking of all the purchases I would never make, even if I somehow got out of debt and could afford it. Here is my list of [...]

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The Great Trade In at Babies R Us

I have not yet found a place that will pay me for the entire room full of toys and plastic that my daughter has stashed away in totes, but I did come across The Great Trade In by Babies R Us. I also don’t have a baby or need any new baby stuff, but thought [...]

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Save Money on Your Workout Part 2 of 2

I won’t spend a lot of time on the cheap workout ideas because it’s something I think most people are pretty aware of. Working out and exercising is really a lot about motivation and wanting to get in shape and it takes a bit of determination. After all, there are tons of things that are [...]

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Say No to Fake Bling

That is…fake children’s bling. The kind you find at the Dollar Store and Walmart bling. I don’t know too many adults that still wear Disney Princess jewelry, but if you do, don’t put it in your mouth and don’t eat it. It seems that Chinese manufacturers, when barred from making trinkety jewelry with toxic lead, [...]

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Get Ready, Set, Use Coupons!

As I mentioned on Christmas Day, one of my many fantastic gifts was a printer for my laptop. Sure, many people can’t wait to start printing their own photos or coloring pages, or whatever. I’m looking forward to being able to print out grocery store coupons. This of course can turn into an embarrassing endeavor [...]

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