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Another Reason to Ditch Satellite Television

I came across this article today about customer complaints against satellite television. Strangely, they didn’t include my complaint which was of course the cost of 500 channels when no one watches more than 10. I officially broke up with Dish Network in March and can honestly say that I have not missed it at all. [...]

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Breaking Up With Dish Network

Well, I finally did it. I no longer have any kind of cable or television service and surprisingly, I’m not having any kind of withdrawal symptoms (and neither is my daughter). If you remember, I posted a while back about My Deadbeat Television, meaning the expense that wasn’t pitching in around the house. We still [...]

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I Still Buy Bottled Water…Sorry

I read an article today and last week and last month about what a waste of money bottled water is and I wondered if maybe I haven’t cut my expenses as much as I thought. Sorry, but I like bottled water. I don’t drink water from the tap, and these articles aren’t taking into consideration [...]

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Update on Cheaper Housing

Well the apartment complex where I had applied for resident manager notified me that they were only 1 bedroom apartments, which i know beyond a shadow of doubt will not work for me and my daughter and all of our accumulated crap. I thanked them kindly for their time and told them it wouldn’t work. [...]

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Cutting the Biggest Expense of All

Now that I’m looking at my budget and trying to find other ways to cut costs, I’ve come to the grim realization that the biggest expense of all which needs trimming, is my living arrangement. True, my rent is equal (if not less) to what I would probably pay anywhere else, at the same time [...]

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Dear Landline I Miss You

I don’t think it’s been a year yet since I ditched the landline, but lately I’ve been missing it and have been considering adding it back. One thing I hadn’t taken into consideration, was that my cell phone plan is on the lowest plan available (I’ve been cutting everything out, remember), which does not allow [...]

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Save Money by Ditching Cable For Free Online Video

A while ago, I spoke about my TV bills and how I wish I could reduce them. Well, Kevin from Satellite TV Guru is guest posting today precisely about this topic. It is an eye opener for me and I hope you find this interesting More and more Americans dream of cutting back on expenses [...]

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Quit Smoking November 19

November 19 is the American Cancer Society’s 34th Great American Smokeout. If you haven’t tried and are a tobacco user, I strongly suggest at least taking a break for the Great American Smokeout. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot of it today since I finally gave up the nic gum. I mean, I’m chewing [...]

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Save Yourself First and then Give

I don’t know about you but after attending a Halloween parade at school, trick or treating at work, then trick or treating on Halloween within the neighborhood and family homes…I am stinkin glad Halloween is over. I’m seriously considering citing religious reasons so I don’t have to participate ever again. But, now we’re headed toward [...]

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Cheap Home Manicure and Pedicure

I mentioned in an earlier post that manicures and pedicures were cut from my expenses because well, they’re expensive. This doesn’t mean that I chose jagged nails though, I just decided to do simple manicures and pedicures at home. Besides being able to sit at home in my pajamas, it saved me quite a bit [...]

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