Broke People Shouldn’t Have Pets

You’re going to hate me for this, but maybe you’ll laugh and it’ll be worth it.

A few weeks ago I was driving back to the office from picking up lunch, (Yes, I was buying lunch. That’s another post.) and I noticed a couple on the corner with a sign that said something about “Stuck While Traveling, Please Help”. Which I think was perfectly phrased to deter those that are buying lunch from offering them food instead of money.

Anyway, this isn’t the funny part because homelessness and strandedness isn’t funny. I truly believe that everyone should have food at least, and a home next. I did notice that the couple had a big dog with them on the side of the road as well. I don’t know if it’s some kind of trend or ploy, because I have noticed that a lot of folks will help out an animal before a person. Maybe the couple is simply trying to reach out to those that have soft spots for animals. Except if you’re stranded and need a ride (which I’m not sure of) you have less of a chance of getting picked up when one of the passengers is a humongous dog.

I can barely afford myself and my daughter. I’m pretty sure at this point that feeding and caring for another body, let alone an animal, is not feasible. Yet, how many broke people do you know that will feed and clothe their pets but aren’t able to pay their bills?

I guess the argument can be made that broke people shouldn’t have children either, as I am aware that to most, pets are the same as children. To me, human beings are different. Not that pets or animals deserve less, but there is a list of priorities (in my mind anyway).

So here’s the funny part that I came across around the same time period that I noticed the people on the street. This is on and it states that Americans spend twice as much on pet supplies as we do on promoting Science and Engineering. Which is kind of sad, but at least we’re happy, right?

pet supplies

***Note:  Pets shouldn’t get to Trick or Treat at Halloween either. Just sayin.

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