Breaking Up With Dish Network

Well, I finally did it. I no longer have any kind of cable or television service and surprisingly, I’m not having any kind of withdrawal symptoms (and neither is my daughter).

If you remember, I posted a while back about My Deadbeat Television, meaning the expense that wasn’t pitching in around the house. We still only watched two or three channels and even with knocking loads of extra expenses off, my bill was never lower than $60 a month. I’m sorry. SpongeBob and Food Network are not worth $2 a day, even if for some odd reason we watched them 24/7. I’d gladly pay what they’re worth and to me, that’s about $5 a month. Total. Or like a nickel per use, which would be about $1.50 a month (again, if we watched it every single day). That’s my deal, they can take it or leave it.

My contract was up in February I think and I hadn’t paid my bill in over a month. No real reason except that it kept slipping my mind and I usually call when they threaten to disconnect and pay over the phone immediately. This time I didn’t though. I called and asked what I needed to do to cancel the service.

CSR: You have a balance of (whatever he said). Will you be paying with check or credit card?

Me: I’m not paying that right now. I just asked what I need to do to cancel the service.

CSR: Hold on, I’ll transfer you to cancellation.

Couple seconds later, same rep. “We’ll cancel it now and you’ll be credited (whatever amount he said).

Me: What? Wait. I didn’t install the dish, I have no idea what I need to do.

CSR: We’ll send a box with instructions.

Me: What about fees. What will I have to pay?

CSR: Just the amount you owe or it’ll go to collections.

Drumroll please.

And the Award for Most Unhelpful Person on Earth goes to… Mr. CSR from Dish Network.

I emailed with more specific questions and still haven’t heard anything. Apparently they don’t care that I’m canceling, but again it’s the same concept when you break off any relationship. After the phone call and the unanswered email I’m not looking back. The one thing that kept me on the fence was the fear that once I canceled the service I’d realize I was missing something I really needed. Unfortunately, even if this did happen, I would go somewhere else. Definitely not Dish Network. Well, unless they agree to the $1.50 a month package that I suggested. Then we can talk.

The truth is, we only think we need things like satellite television because they’ve always been there. I’m guessing it’ll be a lot like when I canceled the land line. I’ll miss it occasionally, but I think I might enjoy the extra $60 a month.

Three Things I’ve Figured Out:

  1. Apparently I associate dating with utility bills and credit card companies.
  2. I have broken up with Qwest (landline), Chase Bank and now Dish Network.
  3. I should be dating people and not utility companies.

It’s a good feeling, though. Here’s to saving money (and finding relationships that are worth it).

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