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3 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

This guest post is by Fred Leo from, a personal finance website dedicated to helping people find the best rewards credit cards. Please check out his articles on the Best American Express Business Credit Cards and Citi Mastercard Online. Paying off your mortgage before it’s due is the dream of every American. The sooner [...]

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How to Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

It is not generally recommended to get a car loan right away after bankruptcy, but sometimes things happen. In 2008 I was driving a 1998 Ford Explorer, which by the way I pretty much adored. It worked perfectly for getting used to driving in the snow and I was able to store tons of junk [...]

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Hooters MasterCard Review

Hooters is friendly! That may seem like a typo or really bad grammar…but I thought I’d fill you in on the Hooters credit card. If you know already that you would be mortified whipping out a credit card with the Hooters owl and HOOTERS in big, bold print, then don’t even read this. If, however, you [...]

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