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Congratulations! You’re on the Verge of Bankruptcy!

So I took another quiz, but this one wasn’t much fun. It’s call “Are You on the Verge of a Debt Disaster?” The article includes a story of a woman that had a ton of credit card debt, $37,000.00 to be exact and with student loans around the corner to pay, she felt she was [...]

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How to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

OMG. If this isn’t the most awesome-est idea for organizing dresser drawers, I will eat my tank top. Mrs. Accountability of Out of Debt Again, wrote a post called An Awesome Way to Organize Your Dresser Drawers, and I am speechless. Pretty much. Why didn’t I think of this? Basically, you fold your clothes and [...]

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Friday Fun Money Quiz

Here’s a fun quiz to take sometime. It’s called “Do You Have What it Takes to be Wealthy”. It’s short so try it out and see what you get. If it were a test I would’ve gotten the big fat F-. My results were actually like 17 out of 60 points and the conclusion was [...]

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Don’t Quit Your Job if You’re Filing Bankruptcy

By now, everyone’s heard of Steven Slater, but just in case, here’s a refresher: Monday, Steven Slater, a flight attendant for JetBlue became a hero to all who have thought of or dreamed of walking out on their job. Granted, there are a few additional points to Mr. Slater’s story that made him more exciting [...]

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The End of Free Checking?

This is a guest post brought to you by The Digerati Life, a site which covers a wide variety of financial topics from the best credit cards for rewards spending to the top online stock brokers around. This post covers bank fees and the the end of free checking. Working for a bank during one [...]

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What’s in Your Lunchbox?

I realized today that I have been slipping quite a bit on the bring your lunch to work part of budgeting. Not only does this mean I am eating a lot of unhealthy junk, I am also wasting a lot of money on this unhealthy junk. Uh. Fail. I do realize the why of it [...]

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Another Reason to Ditch Satellite Television

I came across this article today about customer complaints against satellite television. Strangely, they didn’t include my complaint which was of course the cost of 500 channels when no one watches more than 10. I officially broke up with Dish Network in March and can honestly say that I have not missed it at all. [...]

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