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Non-Dischargeable Debts in Bankruptcy

Before even considering bankruptcy, you should know whether the majority is even dischargeable. If you have the assistance of an attorney, he or she will be able to let you know. It is fairly common though for debtors to try to file their bankruptcies themselves. It would be a waste to find out that the [...]

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Counting My Financial Blessings

This post is literally to prevent myself from snapping and going crazy. Yes, things are well, but as everyone knows there is always something lurking around the corner waiting to jump out and choke you out. Okay, maybe that’s just me. It does seem like an unexpected disaster is always sneaking up on me in [...]

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Feeling Hopeless? Look at North Korea

If you ever want a reminder that things really aren’t so bad here in the wonderful U.S. of A., take a look at this article about the devaluation of currency in North Korea. In case¬† you’re like me and had no idea such a thing could happen, apparently North Korea’s wacky looney toon government decided [...]

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When Not to Buy Dad a Tie

Father’s Day is right around the corner and lucky for you, I have no post about the top 5 greatest or cheapest Father’s Day gifts. I’ll leave that for the other 5 billion bloggers to cover. I considered writing about what to do with a ton of old ties, but that seemed well covered also. [...]

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Bankruptcy and Why I’m Smarter Than Dave Ramsey

Yeah I know. Just the thought of me being smarter than Dave Ramsey almost shot what I was drinking straight out of my nose. Honestly, though. In all of his financial brilliance, I think I have the wisdom of a broke, been there, regular old off the street chick…wisdom. This article, The Truth About Bankruptcy, [...]

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Things You Should Not Buy From a Garage Sale

It’s garage sale time which not only means great deals on lots of junk (okay and some great deals on great items) but it also means free entertainment. Seriously. Have you never been to a garage sale that had items for sale that made you snicker? If not, you’re not going to the right ones [...]

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11 Million Dollar Bankruptcy

How is this even fair?¬† Teresa Guidice (whom I admittedly have never heard of before. I don’t have cable, remember?) filed bankruptcy and owes 11 million dollars. 11 million. So, rich and famous people still get to be rich and famous even when they owe more money than a small country. Even worse, instead of [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Year Old

It has officially been a year since Miss Bankrupt began blogging about being broke and bankrupt. The very first post was somewhat of an ode to Burger King Croissanwiches, which began my journey to stop wasting money on frivolous things…like Burger King Croissanwiches. I can honestly say I have still not indulged in another and [...]

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Miss Bankrupt is a Hoarder

Today I emptied my condiment drawer at work. I was forced to clean my office; I’ve been telling everyone it was somewhat of an intervention except no one was crying or reading me letters. My boss scheduled it on our calendar and then went through my files himself, while I piled up all of the [...]

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