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Jobs That Are On Their Way Out

I read an article today about certain jobs and careers that are making a comeback, which include mostly engineer type jobs that I didn’t know were ever gone in the first place. Anyway, it of course inspired my thoughts on jobs which are either obsolete or on their way out. So, if you are specifically [...]

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Are Nads Hair Removal Strips Worth It?

The latest challenge I have taken upon myself has been experimenting with waxing. Here are the reasons I decided to give the Nads Hair Removal Strips a whirl. 1.  My friend said she only has to wax twice a month, if that. I have to shave almost every other day if I don’t want the [...]

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Recession Slackers and the Eternal Excuse

Since we are practically out of the recession, I thought I could post something kind of stupid without getting chased down and lynched by an angry mob of readers. First, I want to admit that the recession never really affected me. I didn’t have a house to lose because of it. I didn’t lose my [...]

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Things I Can Live Without

This article covers 20 things American can’t live without and quite honestly I noticed most of the things on the list were items that I don’t use or can personally live without. Here are the ones that I was surprised made the list that I know I don’t need: 1.  Electric Garage Door Opener- Number [...]

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Qik Video Camera App: The 99 Cent Camcorder

My daughter has a piano recital tomorrow and I was thinking about asking my sister in law to use her video camera. Instead, my friend suggested I use an app for my phone called ivideo. When searching for the ivideo app, I came across Qik Video Camera which happened to be on “sale” from 1.99 [...]

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Best Idea EVER or Do I Need Medication?

My mom, aunt and sister had their annual humongous garage sale a couple weekends ago. I did not ever get around to getting mine and my daughter’s things together so I agreed to help, but didn’t really add anything to the garage sale. Because of whatever I had leftover from last year’s sale, I made [...]

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Space Trips are Still Too Expensive

Here’s a question that people like to ponder. “If I had the money, would I?” I mention this because I’ve been wondering ever since I read that the cost of trips to outer space have gone down by 50%. It still costs around $100,000.00 but hey, a discount is a discount. You can say what [...]

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The Legacy that Costs Nothing

I wrote recently, half joking that because of Walmart I had no legacy to leave my daughter. Nothing of value, no fantastic antique dishes. Just cheap affordable Walmart stuff. I can’t be the only one that has realized this, especially since nearly the entire world has become frugal (some never had a choice). What are [...]

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Is a Housekeeper Worth the Money?

Today, as I stumbled through the maze of clothes and toys and various other items belonging to me and my daughter, I became completely exasperated by what a mess the house is. A messy house is gross. Kids are taken from their parents because of messy houses. Messiness completely mutilates my psyche. I cannot focus [...]

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Happy Mothers Day Mom From Your Broke Daughter

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but honestly I fell dead asleep entirely too early and woke up this morning ridiculously late. It’s my body running the show I think. I hustle and work so hard during the week that I sometimes wonder what I actually did and then when the weekend gets here [...]

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