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Chase Bank Reage Program and Moving Forward

I’m sure you’re familiar with it. If you aren’t, you’re not only lucky but very smart. It’s that pre-heart attack feeling when you pull the mail from the mailbox and you find an envelope one page of paper thin, with a return address that says something like “Cardmember Service”. You know it isn’t a statement [...]

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Who Can’t File Bankruptcy?

Many people think that anyone who chooses can file bankruptcy because after all, Donald Trump did and many other people that appeared to be richer than God. Contrary to popular belief though, not everyone can just decide to file. Who Can’t File Bankruptcy (and Probably Shouldn’t Even Try) 1.  Those With Enough Money to Pay [...]

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My Daughter Needs a Job

Yes, she’s only 6 years old, but now that the responsibility and shock of Kindergarten is almost behind her, I think it’s time that my daughter gets a job. Granted, I don’t expect her to be hired at McDonald’s right away, but everything in this house needs to be contributing in some way. I got [...]

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The New Unexpected Expense and the Price of Nice Teeth

And just like clockwork, here it is another couple of months later and I have a brand spanking new unexpected expense. I have started the small savings account at ING for this purpose, but since that was just a couple months ago, I am in no way prepared for the new expense. I will not [...]

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Cheap Ways to Update a Spring Wardrobe

I don’t need any more clothes. I will never need to purchase anymore clothing. I have enough clothing and shoes to choke a donkey (I’ve said that so many times it’s sort of my mantra). In case you don’t understand this, I have what would be considered the man’s closet and the woman’s closet filled [...]

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There is More than Money

I watched Ponyo with my daughter this evening, without the computer and without working on anything. I desperately need to clean my house and do a ton of other things, but I realized that I haven’t spent much time with her actually doing anything. She begs me every night to play a game with her, [...]

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Facebook, Free Gift Cards and Identity Theft

You wouldn’t believe it but there is actually a connection between Facebook, free gift cards and identity theft and unfortunately it’s one big fat scam. The scam involves someone on your friends list posting a link on your wall telling you about an offer to join a group or click on a link and you [...]

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Do You Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Most people who are considering bankruptcy have tons of questions that range anywhere from, “will I lose my house?” to “can I keep my Victoria’s Secret credit card?” but the main question is usually “do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy?” Obviously, there are do it yourself kits for nearly everything, and I haven’t [...]

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April 15 is Near and Random Tax Stuff

An important day in Financial Literacy Month involves the wonderful tax deadline of April 15, which as of the time of this writing is only 6 days away. I thought I’d round up some interesting yet random tax related stuff. 1.  File Your Taxes Free – I have filed online with some sort of free [...]

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How Much is an A and Paying for Good Grades

Well on Wheel of Fortune, you can buy a letter A for I think, $250. At least that was the going price for a vowel the last time I remember actually watching Wheel of Fortune. But how much is an “A” really worth to you? As in report card “A”. I recently followed a conversation [...]

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