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Reasons to Not Quit Your Job

The more I freelance, the more excited I get about the possibility of one day working from home. I did this for a year, when my daughter was born to avoid putting her in daycare as an infant, so I’m kind of aware of the upside and the downside of working from home. But man. [...]

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What to Do With Rotten Food and When to Accept Defeat

I made a fabulous chicken dinner once that involved only chicken breast, swiss cheese, chicken broth and Stove Top Stuffing. I think my coworker said it’s called “Company Chicken”. I call it easy and yummy. Long story short, I think I gave myself food poisoning with the Company Chicken. I made it before noon and [...]

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The Internet Lies

I just found out that “Dennis Hopper Died” is a google trend, and fortunately one of the internet’s current untruths. Dennis Hopper is not dead. He is however, quite ill from prostate cancer. This just reminded me of all the wackiness that’s on the internet daily. Believe it or not, a lot of people think [...]

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Truly Epic is

I mentioned earlier when I became an extremely lucky iPhone user that I was trying out apps. Well I happened to come across something truly EPIC (for me and my life, anyway) and it’s It seems I’m a bit late to the party because has been around for quite a while, since 2005 [...]

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Breaking Up With Dish Network

Well, I finally did it. I no longer have any kind of cable or television service and surprisingly, I’m not having any kind of withdrawal symptoms (and neither is my daughter). If you remember, I posted a while back about My Deadbeat Television, meaning the expense that wasn’t pitching in around the house. We still [...]

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What’s In Your Purse?

Money Beagle covered “What’s in Your Wallet?” so I thought it would be fun to a) show you what’s currently in my purse and b) find out what everyone else is lugging around or stuffing in their back pockets. I carry a large purse to work which includes notebooks, Boost drinks and calendars I don’t [...]

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Fake Uggs are Bad for Your Feet

Besides the various St. Patrick’s Day articles (How to Make Cornbeef and Cabbage, Best St. Paddy’s Day Bars, Old Navy Promoting Drinking in Children Under 13–okay, not really), the other big story was that those fake Ugg boots are bad for your feet. Someone has discovered that the knockoff Uggs can lead to a lifetime [...]

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Best Free Apps for Broke People

Many may be wondering why a broke person would have an iPhone in the first place. Well, I am pleased to announce that I am one such broke person, but I have a valid excuse and her name is Amelia, aka my good friend in California. Amelia recently upgraded to the 3GS and gave me, [...]

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ING Orange Savings Account

I took the advice that everyone left me in the comments of the post about savings accounts and went ahead and opened up a savings account with ING Direct. It was a pretty painless process; I just typed in my information and it was set up. I do have to wait a couple days to [...]

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State Farm Hates Me

A few months ago I had a minor fender bender, which involved only me and my broken bumper, which is not a story I’d like to share. Not a big deal except that I just bought the car (a very cute Pontiac G6 with a sunroof) in February 2008 and the bumper had a long [...]

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