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How a Nap Can Save You Money

I know. Wonky title. It could be because I’m tired, but since I’ve whined about being tired every day since forever to my offline friends and family, I’m not going to do that here. Instead, I’m going to tell you how a nap can save you money and imagine I am taking a nap. Driving [...]

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Do You Have Any Change?

I read about a savings experiment which included loose change, which for some reason I actually have. Don’t ask me how Miss Bankrupt has extra anything laying around but truthfully, I have change in the bottoms of my purses, in the car, on the dining room table. Everywhere. Once in a while I collect most [...]

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I Still Buy Bottled Water…Sorry

I read an article today and last week and last month about what a waste of money bottled water is and I wondered if maybe I haven’t cut my expenses as much as I thought. Sorry, but I like bottled water. I don’t drink water from the tap, and these articles aren’t taking into consideration [...]

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Update on Cheaper Housing

Well the apartment complex where I had applied for resident manager notified me that they were only 1 bedroom apartments, which i know beyond a shadow of doubt will not work for me and my daughter and all of our accumulated crap. I thanked them kindly for their time and told them it wouldn’t work. [...]

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5 Things I Will Never Buy

Once in a while I come across ridiculous things that people buy and today it was cashmere toilet paper. After thinking how ridiculous the wealthy are sometimes, I began thinking of all the purchases I would never make, even if I somehow got out of debt and could afford it. Here is my list of [...]

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Cutting the Biggest Expense of All

Now that I’m looking at my budget and trying to find other ways to cut costs, I’ve come to the grim realization that the biggest expense of all which needs trimming, is my living arrangement. True, my rent is equal (if not less) to what I would probably pay anywhere else, at the same time [...]

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Updates on Medical Bills and Getting them Organized

I took some time out to call all of the medical bills that I’m paying to make sure nothing’s behind or late. I think I have everything with the special discount programs at the hospital down as low as possible and the monthly payments on all total are pretty reasonable. My biggest problem, of course [...]

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone

I figured I should post something helpful for Valentine’s Day since my last post was whining about my disastrous attempt at a Valentine’s Day card box for a Kindergartener. Anyone on a budget (and who happens to have a Valentine) knows that Valentine’s Day can be just as spendy as any other holiday. When you [...]

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Valentine’s Day is Not for Uncrafty Parents

Dear Kindergarten Teacher: Please don’t assign homework that involves crafts. Daughter’s Mother is the uncraftiest person on earth. And I don’t even care if that’s not a word. You know what I mean. Why a Valentine box? I think we used to bring our Valentine cards to school in old plastic shopping bags. I’m seriously [...]

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Trouble for Experian and How to Really Get a Free Credit Report

I don’t know about you, but I love those commercials. In fact, we’ve talked about the curse of the commercial at work. Once you hear that jingle you’re pretty much stuck with it all day. I’ve included a video in case you’ve been in a cave and haven’t yet seen one of the commercials. [...]

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