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Debt Collect Phone Calls and What Not to Do

Ah…it’s Friday and it’s been a hard week so I’m just adding this video of some guy being silly on the phone and pretending he’s talking to debt collectors. Hope it gives you a little Friday laugh. Enjoy your weekend!

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The Great Trade In at Babies R Us

I have not yet found a place that will pay me for the entire room full of toys and plastic that my daughter has stashed away in totes, but I did come across The Great Trade In by Babies R Us. I also don’t have a baby or need any new baby stuff, but thought [...]

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Another Place to Sell Old Electronics

By chance, I stumbled upon yet another site to unload old electronics. Seriously, if you’re not using your old cameras, cell phones and video games than you’re missing out on at least a couple bucks. The reason, in my opinion, that people hold on to electronics that are outdated and not being used is because [...]

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Save Money on Your Workout Part 2 of 2

I won’t spend a lot of time on the cheap workout ideas because it’s something I think most people are pretty aware of. Working out and exercising is really a lot about motivation and wanting to get in shape and it takes a bit of determination. After all, there are tons of things that are [...]

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Save Money on Your Workout Part 1

I mentioned a while back that the gym membership I used to have was one of my top “wastes of money”. Trust me, going to a fancy gym is not going to get you into any better shape than if you worked out at home, it just seems like it because it’s…fancy. And since it’s [...]

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How to Deal With Collection Agents from Hell

My friend sent me a text the other day that a collection agent almost scared her into emptying out her savings account to pay a bill. She is young(er) and the mother of an 8 month old baby and she only has this one particular bill in collections. I’m embarrassed to admit that I can [...]

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Top 5 Easy Cheap Sandwiches

I don’t know about the rest of the world but when the groceries start getting low, I resort to a number of different favorite sandwiches for dinner. And, if you know me, you know I’m not talking about fancy mustard and special bread sandwiches. Being more of a “wow, I have a packet of mustard [...]

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Earthquake in Haiti: How to Help

The news of the recent earthquake in Haiti may not actually move many of us simply because it’s in a different country and we seldom think we can help. We are of course, just pulling ourselves out of our own disastrous recession. Still, the earthquake in Haiti has resulted in what’s estimated at thousands upon [...]

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Say No to Fake Bling

That is…fake children’s bling. The kind you find at the Dollar Store and Walmart bling. I don’t know too many adults that still wear Disney Princess jewelry, but if you do, don’t put it in your mouth and don’t eat it. It seems that Chinese manufacturers, when barred from making trinkety jewelry with toxic lead, [...]

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What is a Magic Jack?

One of the bills I complain about quite frequently is my phone bill. I have even more recently included “I Will Resolve My Phone Situation” on my 2010 To Do List, meaning I will either change plans, get a different phone or figure out how to communicate with my friends and family via morse code [...]

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