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Leftover Turkey Chili Recipe

Well, since it’s freezing cold here in Minnesota (to me anyway), justĀ  a few days after Thanksgiving and daughter and I have nasty colds, I figured I’d post a recipe for Turkey Chili that caters to all three issues. Plus, it’s cheap and easy-my two favorite things in a recipe. You probably have each of [...]

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My Black Friday Deals

Well, my Black Friday has been the most inexpensive Black Friday ever. I have not gone anywhere and have not purchased a single thing all day today. I had to send a friend the sad news last night (via text) “I don’t have the energy to meet you at 4 a.m. tomorrow. I’m sorry.” Instead, [...]

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Save Money by Ditching Cable For Free Online Video

A while ago, I spoke about my TV bills and how I wish I could reduce them. Well, Kevin from Satellite TV Guru is guest posting today precisely about this topic. It is an eye opener for me and I hope you find this interesting More and more Americans dream of cutting back on expenses [...]

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Recipe for a Veggie Tray

Yeah, you read it right. I don’t know how it works in everyone else’s family, but in mine we rotate the Thanksgiving and Easter dinners so the same person doesn’t always have to host. Someone has to bring the veggie tray; I’m guessing it is usually the person that a) doesn’t cook b) shouldn’t cook [...]

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Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

If you’re like me, and not able to get into the crazed-crack- of-dawn-shopping of Black Friday, you may be interested in Black Friday’s farĀ more attractive sister, Cyber Monday. There are obvious pros and cons to shopping for holiday sales on Cyber Monday, but for me, sitting at a computer placing orders beats a line in [...]

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Don’t Mess Up With Holiday Spending

Well, if you read my celebratory post earlier this week, you’ll know that things seem to be working out for me and getting a little better. I called two medical bills that were being debited from my bank account and found out they were both paid in full. (Yahoo!) Of course I do still have [...]

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Quit Smoking November 19

November 19 is the American Cancer Society’s 34th Great American Smokeout. If you haven’t tried and are a tobacco user, I strongly suggest at least taking a break for the Great American Smokeout. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot of it today since I finally gave up the nic gum. I mean, I’m chewing [...]

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Good News from Miss Bankrupt

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Bankrupt has some good news. No, I didn’t win the lottery, but for a broke person, I’ve accomplished something just as big. Okay, maybe not as big, but to me it’s pretty phenomenal. I actually have money in my bank account and am projecting extra money by the time the [...]

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Deals for Veterans

Well, it’s Veterans Day and most will read this too late to benefit from any Veterans Day deals or specials. I hadn’t thought about it until my mom said she was taking dad to Applebee’s for the Veterans Day special. All you need today is proof that you are active duty or a veteran to [...]

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Rich and Poor; Them and Us

Besides the obvious differences between rich people and poor people (meaning designer clothes, fancy houses and luxury vehicles) there is another difference. Do rich people lack honesty? Take Sammy Sosa for example. He and his wife show up at some kind of gathering which I’m guessing consisted of other rich and famous people, not only [...]

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