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10 Tips for Home Hair Color

I noticed recently that my hair is a mess. Since I’ve given up salon visits, I’ve just been getting my hair trimmed very cheaply. For some reason, I’ve ended up ignoring it as if it’s not as important now that I don’t actually go to the salon to get it fixed. Coloring your hair at [...]

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Cheap and Fake H1N1 Vaccines

There are things that aren’t better cheaper and one of them is medication. There have recently been reports of online companies that are offering and selling inexpensive H1N1 vaccines and meds that supposedly can prevent or fight against H1N1 that have not been FDA approved. It should go without saying that you should only trust [...]

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Conclusion-Operation WITHIMMG

It has now been 33 days of logging the extra things that I spend money on and looking back I am actually surprised. I honestly thought I never spent money on anything extra but after tallying it all up, my total for food,gas and my daughter’s birthday (which fell within the 30 days) came to [...]

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5 Frugal Things I Hate

I enjoy saving money and I adore finding ways to get what I want cheaper but there are certain frugal things that I can’t stand. Let me know if you agree… 1.  Cheap Gifts I’m all for saving money and not buying people extravagant gifts, especially when you can’t afford it. I can’t stand giving [...]

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Balloon Boy Halloween Costumes

Oddly enough, I was just talking to my mom about cheap and recyclable Halloween costumes and Balloon Boy (Girl) was one of her suggestions. Her Balloon Boy idea, though, was different from the psycho dad, Richard Heene’s Balloon Boy, so I thought I should include directions for both. Mom’s Balloon Boy Costume Believe it or [...]

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Better Ways to Make Money than Balloon Boy

In case, for some reason you haven’t heard, Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi decided to drum up publicity for a reality show by claiming their child, Falcon, had been trapped in a runaway balloon. Oddly, a lot of people believed it at first. I’m no liar but if I told people my daughter was [...]

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Walmart Prepaid Cell Phones

Woohoo! Miss Bankrupt hearts Walmart even more than you thought. They just announced that Walmart will be selling prepaid cell phone service starting October 18, 2009. Okay, so yeah I had prepaid cell phone service years ago and it was a big pain in the arse. No one wants to worry about running out of [...]

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Symptoms: Cold vs. H1N1

I’m home from work for a couple days because my daughter has a fever. She had it last night and I’ve been keeping an eye on her and watching the symptoms. I realized today how much more a fever means than it used to, yet at the same time we have to be sure that [...]

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Columbus Day is My Favorite Holiday

Regardless of how you feel about Christopher Columbus’s discovery (or not) of the Americas, there is one thing you can’t deny. Columbus Day is the cheapest holiday that we, as Americans observe. And I mean cheapest national holiday. I’m fully aware of Be Bald and Free Day (October 14) and National Mincemeat Day (October 26) [...]

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6 Year Old Budget Buster

I just realized that I’ll probably be spending a chunk of change this weekend on my daughter’s 6th birthday. It’s Sunday, and in case you’re wonder why I’m just now mentioning it, it’s because I’m just now planning it. Yes, I’m definitely a last minute person and actually intended on having her first big party [...]

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