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Waste Time Management

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my dad had prostate cancer. My mom called me today from the Mayo Clinic when he went in for surgery. She said it would be a five hour surgery and she had decided to wait at the hospital. Five hours is a long time to wait by yourself [...]

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How to Save on the Phone Bill

I cancelled my land line a long time ago in order to save money and rely on my cell phone for all phone calls. It occurred to me, while sitting on the phone for 40 minutes with AT&T, my cell phone service provider, that if you’re not careful, a cell phone can cost you more [...]

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Can I Get a Loan for a Billion Trillion Dollars?

I read this article at the Huffington Post website about the guy suing Bank of America for a $1,784 billion trillion dollars. Yes, that is the number that Dalton Chiscolm came up with for his pain in suffering from which I’m still not sure of. No, he isn’t trying to just prove a point like [...]

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Operation Where in the Heck is My Money Going (Cont.)

I just thought I’d post some more about how I’m going to include my spending in the blog posts. Since Day 1 of Operation Where in the Heck is My Money Going, I’ve officially spent $1 on a bag of chips so I realized that hopefully there will be plenty of days that I have [...]

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Operation Where in the Heck is My Money Going?

I’m considering the “Don’t Spend for a Month Challenge”, which means that for exactly one month I won’t spend any money on anything except of course the necessary bills. Some people make everything from scratch, from food to detergent and use the car only when they need to go to work, etc. The weird thing [...]

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Please Tax Hotdogs

I guess some people aren’t happy about the suggestion to tax soda. To me, it’s like cigarettes. Neither is good for anyone and serve no purpose other than making people unhealthy. I rarely drink soda and of course my daughter doesn’t at all yet, so of course the selfish part of me says to go [...]

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Looking Good While Broke

What we look like and what we wear aren’t the most important things in life, but I do believe, as vain as it sounds, that looking good and feeling good are directly related. And unfortunately, whether a person is clean and put together, affects how others think of us as well. Believe it or not, [...]

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I Don’t Care Where Walmart Puts Their Chips

I read an article today about the newest Walmart conspiracy. They’re purposely placing chips and soda in the toy aisle to make kids beg for junk and consequently causing all of America’s kids to become fat, lazy and parked in front of the television. I think it’s funny that we always have someone else to [...]

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5 Purchases I Probably Didn’t Need

I’ve been looking around at the things in my life and have realized that pre bankruptcy I purchased a lot of stuff I probably didn’t need then and still don’t. Actually I’ve purchased things I don’t really need after the bankruptcy as well, but I can honestly say that I rarely make frivolous purchases since [...]

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My Surprise Savings Account

I just realized that there was one more budget cut that I had completely forgotten about. I quit the disgusting, unhealthy habit of smoking…5 months and 5 days ago to be exact. I have heard of people that took the money they would’ve spent on cigarettes and saved it and then rewarded themselves at the [...]

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