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My Credit Score is Better than Michael Jackson’s

Holy cow, at first glance one would think this has to be a mistake. Apparently, Michael Jackson’s credit score was only an average of 564. After thinking about it though, it makes sense. First of all, Michael Jackson didn’t need credit. People gave him stuff just for being the King of Pop. I’m guessing that [...]

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Dear Editor: I’m Not Ready for Christmas

Unfortunately, I’ve never been an early Christmas shopper. My mom, my sister and my sister in-law will pick up things in March that so-and-so will like for Christmas and store it away in a closet until they need it. I, on the other hand, have actually gone out shopping on Christmas Eve. I know, shame [...]

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The Medical Industry will Never Go Bankrupt

I went to the clinic for an appointment today and as I was checking in, the lady (I don’t know what their titles are) asks if I’d like to make a payment on my bill. Granted, I know this isn’t really a choice. Just kind of sounds like it. The normal procedure would’ve started with [...]

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Easy Antipasto Salad

It’s been a while since I shared a recipe but I’ve decided to add another of my lunchtime favorites. As you are aware, I’m always looking for something easy to take to work and what’s easier than salad? Granted, this isn’t the cheapest salad because iceberg lettuce and dressing is as cheap as it gets, [...]

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Managing Medical Bill Messes

My very simple and minor surgery went fine today. Still a bit drugged up and groggy so excuse me if I seem off. I had considered cancelling it last night because I’m dreading more medical bills and plus it was after midnight and I really wanted to eat something. I did decide to get it [...]

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Benefits of Complaining

My mom sent me this link to an article titled, “Do You Complain Too Much?” and no, she wasn’t trying to tell me anything. But, yes I do complain too much. When I began reading the article I agreed with everything and even considered taking the “quit complaining challenge” like the writer and millions of [...]

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Me and Dish Network: Pre Breakup Jitters

Well, I haven’t had satellite service for about 4 days. Not by my choice, it’s just out and can’t be fixed. A technician is coming tomorrow to check it out and so I figured what better time to just cancel the service? Maybe the tech can pick up the equipment and whatever and I’ll just [...]

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One Medical Bill Down Sort of

Just to prove that I’m not always whining about my finances and bills, I thought I’d share somewhat of an accomplishment. I received a phone call today that I normally would not answer from one of the medical bills I’m paying on. Actually I was in the middle of texting and accidentally answered the phone, [...]

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Explanation of Kindergarten School Supplies

I attended a brief Kindergarten meeting today where lo and behold, they actually explained some of the things on the school supply list. This is of course in addition to the great comment left by ckphoto explaining a bit of it as well. (Thanks.) Most of my questions were answered immediately when the teachers explained [...]

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Money Lessons from My Father

My birthday was yesterday, and if that weren’t enough reason to ponder the meaning of life, my dad found out he has prostate cancer today. Certainly makes it difficult to write about bills and saving money. In fact, I’m fighting myself from getting the why-does-any-of-this-matter attitude. I thought I’d note some of the things I’ve [...]

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