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When the Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

In frantically trying to clean up my credit, pay janky credit card bills, and keep medical bills out of collections, I’ve realized that I’ve put off other things that matter just as much, if not more. Things like my utilities and food – meaning not enough money for a full grocery bill in the budget, [...]

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My Deadbeat Television

I called my satellite TV company to ask why my bill was so much and learned a couple things. 1. It’s always been that much, didn’t realize it because I missed a month, and 2. My contract is up. I’m free to cancel. I switched from cable because I thought the satellite offer was much [...]

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What is Your Health Worth?

I haven’t researched or even gone over President Obama’s healthcare plan, I did notice a frequent tagline that read something to the effect of “healthcare for everyone”. Just that short phrase is enough to give me a little more hope. I’m neither for or against it, I don’t know enough about the plan to make [...]

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Personal Financial Goal #1

I took vacation days for yesterday and today since my daughter is camping with my parents. I figured I’d get a lot of stuff done that I usually don’t have time for and of course try to enjoy a much needed break. Well, I got to thinking about my vacation days. I am privileged enough [...]

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More on Chase Bank and then I’ll Shut Up

Out of curiosity I googled Chase Credit Card and 28% interest and came across a lot of sites with a lot of comments and stories from people who have experienced the same situation as I have. I started reading through the complaints here but stopped at the second page as it was all sounding exactly [...]

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Raped and Dumped and Raped by Credit Card

After reading this post at, I was expecting Chase to cancel the cards with the 28% (or so) interest rate. Here are their reasons for canceling the cards (2 credit cards/2 letters): Total available credit on bankcards is too low. (Really? They were fine before Chase dropped my credit limit.) One or more accounts [...]

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Why I Should Not Pay to Have my Hair Colored

I thought out of all of my budget cuts that eating out and giving up my favorite foods would be the hardest to stick with. I was wrong. Believe it or not, it’s my hair. Sure, I did a pretty nice job with the box hair color, but after seeing my friend yesterday and her [...]

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How Much is a Quadrillion?

Read this article today and have to admit that I’m a little jealous. It was the article about the guy that was billed 23 quadrillion dollars on his credit card for a pack of cigarettes. I don’t even know why this is newsworthy since it’s obvious that he wasn’t going to be held responsible for [...]

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Staying Sane While Broke and in Debt

There is no shortage lately, of stories about people snapping under the pressure of financial stress and in case no one has noticed, I’ve been a bit down and frustrated lately. These are just some personal, practical tips for keeping one’s sanity while dealing with being broke and in debt. Face the Creditors Of course [...]

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Dating Bad Credit

Only gold diggers look at a guy’s finances before dating or marrying him, right? Not always. Since it’s been proven that the main reason for arguments and divorce is financial, I’d say it’s a good thing to consider. So what happens when you’re dating someone with bad credit? Is it wrong to think that all [...]

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