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Homemade Dryer Sheets

When is Cheap too Cheap? I ran out of dryer sheets this weekend and I usually don’t think twice about buying them, usually at the Dollar Store, of course, but I’ve noticed that there are recipes online for anything a cheap person could think of. If it’s sold in a store, I’d bet money that [...]

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Free Food from Family is Not Charity

I stopped at my parents’ house yesterday to pick up my daughter while they were busy packing up the RV to go camping this weekend. I asked my mom if she had any extra lunchmeat so the babysitter could make sandwiches for lunch the next day. Mom always has spare food. That’s where I want [...]

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Fighting the Urge to Spend

Is it just me or does everyone have a difficult time telling themselves “no”. Looking at my family and how financially responsible everyone is, one might say yes, it is just me. My parents were savers. They didn’t splurge on stuff, they contemplated and saved and discussed purchases. I never once saw my mom or [...]

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Dollar Store Deals

5 things I almost always buy at a dollar store or discount store. 1. Laundry Detergent Dollar stores generally carry enough laundry detergent to choke a donkey, name brand and never heard of brands as well. With products like Tide, you’ll find that you save a couple dollars but there are also brands like Purex [...]

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What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

Cheap is cheap and I love a great bargain as much as any broke person. I’ve realized that in my area there are more dollar stores and types of dollar store than there are good places to eat. (I know I focus way too much on food). So as a broke person and a single [...]

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The Cheapest and Easiest Lunch Ever

Today as I dropped my daughter off, I asked my mom if she had a can of soup I could grab on my way to work and she says, “I think I have some Cream of Chicken.” “Nah, that’s okay, Mom,” I told her. In case you’re not familiar with cans of Cream of anything [...]

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Weekend Budget Report

I didn’t do so well over the weekend with the budget. Not that I completely messed it up but I ended up eating out 3 times I think and I’ve been trying really hard to not eat out. Sometimes it seems cheaper than the grocery store because it’s just me and my daughter—just depends on [...]

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The Stigma of Bankruptcy

There seem to be a few myths surrounding people that file bankruptcy. Broke people that file bankruptcy at least. Myth #1 Somehow the bankrupt person wasted their money and then decided they didn’t want to pay their bills anymore. The bankruptcy stigma only applies to broke and poor people, no one ever said anything like [...]

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Hug a Collection Agent

I finally forced myself to call and set up payment plans for all of my medical bills-four more to be exact. At the rate I’m going, the medical bills will take approximately 25 months to pay off. Plus, I have new ones that will be coming in for all kinds of recent tests and exams [...]

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Memories of Burger King Croissanwiches

I’m writing this post from work on my lunch break (of course) because I’ve been thinking all day about some of the things I cut from my budget. Of all of the unnecessary and frivolous things I’ve given up, I miss the morning croissants from Burger King the most. Sausage or bacon, I miss them [...]

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